Larry Patterson

President of Rainbow Movers

Ambition, commitment to excellence, tenacity for quality and a superb ability to effectively manage challenges, Rainbow Movers owner Larry Patterson exemplifies the meaning of “sticktuitiveness”.  As the owner of the Brooklyn based moving & storage company Rainbow Movers, his story is a familiar one, rooted in pursuing the American dream.  This Trinidadian born and educated native immigrated to the United States to pursue the opportunity for a life of prosperity and independence.

His 15-year journey from an on-call move at a Bronx moving company, to owner of a Brooklyn based organization is complete with sweat equity, hands on initiative, keen observation and leadership of operations, customer relationship building and business development in the multi-billion dollar moving and storage industry.

Under Patterson’s innovative leadership, Rainbow Movers, continues to be the preferred choice of selective New Yorker’s seeking superior customer service, flawless handling, protection and packing and a friendly, knowledgeable, experienced staff.  Founded in 1978, Rainbow Movers continues to be the “go-to” mover for generations of New Yorkers.

Rainbow Movers is a family-owned Brooklyn based company that has moved New Yorkers for over 35 years. Our experienced and courteous crew has worked with us for over a decade – we are now moving the adult children of our earliest customers.

324 Douglass Street | Brooklyn, NY 11217 | T: 718.875.9420