Joseph Sidof

Founder and CEO of Shakuff

Joseph Sidof is the founder and CEO of Shakuff, a custom glass lighting & décor company based in Industry City- Brooklyn, NY. 

A self-made immigrant from Northern Israel, Joseph has embraced the American dream in full force. Moving to the United States at the age of 18, with mostly an idea and his savings from odds-and-ends jobs as a teen. 

In 2007, an opportunity came up for a dynamic collaboration between Sidof and a talented Israeli glass artist. Joseph would further develop, market and sell the exclusive works Stateside, while the artist would create the pieces in his studio in Israel.

Clutching his natural entrepreneurial spirit, Joseph has spent the past few years turning his once budding sole proprietorship into a now thriving multi-million dollar lighting & décor corporation. 

Over the past nine years he has honed a curated line of exclusive glass lighting & décor made from blown and fused glass from artists around the world. Seen in exclusive hotels and homes around the globe, Shakuff has become a household name for designers, architects, and homeowners seeking custom lighting tailored to fit their unique projects.

Shakuff is a blown and fused glass lighting and décor collective, featuring the work of glass artists from around the globe. Our vibrant collection of attainable custom products are highly customizable, and tailorable to create fixtures to each client’s specific tastes and design styles. As all of our products are hand-crafted, no two are ever the same. Dip in to our extensive array of glass styles that are sure to whet a diversity of palettes. With our custom creations, you’re only limited by your imagination. Unpretentious and attainable, Shakúff is anything but opaque!

34 35TH STREET, 2ND FLOOR B-SW | BROOKLYN, NY 11232 | T: 212.675.0383