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Donald Brennan

Principal of Brennan Real Estate, LLC

Donald Brennan is a 24-year veteran of all aspects of the real estate business. He is a developer, investor, licensed real estate broker, former architect and appraiser.

He is the ultimate insider with a fine appreciation of real estate from design, financing and construction perspectives, making him extremely effective at both identifying potential development and investment opportunities and orchestrating successful deals.

As principal of Brennan Real Estate, LLC, Donald combines his unique assembly of skills that have distinguished him as a highly proficient practitioner in his field. Complementing his keen understanding of how properties are acquired is an in-depth knowledge of the process of reconstructing buildings or building ground up, of the financing that comes into play, and of the intricate measures involved to ensure approval from such governing entities as neighborhood associations, community boards and the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission.

Donald has served a diverse and select clientele of property investors and owners in the purchase, renovation and management of their prized real estate assets.

Since 1996 Brennan has been developing and rehabilitating properties in New York City. We pinpoint distinctive real estate opportunities, determine their optimal form and function, and execute from beginning to end with an acute focus on best practices. We unlock a project’s full potential by understanding the nuances of each local market and its place in the bigger picture.

We approach development with a broad focus – consulting local leadership, understanding transportation, and monitoring labor trends and public policy – while always keeping the end user in mind. Our comprehensive approach yields best-in-class assets and drives risk-adjusted returns. We build for more than just a profit; we build for beauty, utility, and longevity. Our brand is synonymous with quality, and our projects consistently exceed expectations, setting a stan­dard that others aspire to but seldom achieve.

45 MAIN STREET #1022 | BROOKLYN, NEW YORK 11201 | T: 718.858.8238