Staging For The Sell Along Park Avenue

Celebrity designer and show host  Cathy Hobbs and her design team stage a gorgeous 3-bedroom residence along prestigious Park Avenue.

Cathy stages 135 West 52nd Street

Celebrity Interior Designer and Host of Design Recipes, Cathy Hobbs stages a 2 bedroom residence at 135 West 52nd Street with the help of the exclusive mover for Design Recipes, Rainbow Movers.

Cathy Stages 341 Sackett Street

Cathy and her design recipes team stage a 3 bedroom residence in Brooklyn for the sell. But there are TWO major snags that delay the project, a major snowstorm and Cathy gets the flu! Watch to see how Cathy and her team turn it around with the help of their go team at Rainbow Movers NY.

Cathy Stages 10 Madison Square West

Cathy has just 48 hours to stage a property for the sell with the help of Design Recipes exclusive mover Rainbow Movers.  Cathy stages a 4 bedroom luxury residence at 10 Madison Square West in record time and shares some Design Recipes take away design tips that you can incorporate in your own home.

Cathy Stages An Oversized Residence Overlooking Central Park

Celebrity Interior Designer and Host Of Design Recipes, Cathy Hobbs is staging an oversized residence overlooking Central Park. Tips for large spaces, from Rainbow Movers the exclusive moving company for Design Recipes.

Fall Selling Tips

Cathy is “on the move” staging a property for the sell in time for Fall selling season with the help of her go to mover Rainbow Movers.


Tips for moving artwork and mirrors

Cathy is staging and glamming up an east side residence with the help of of Rainbow movers. Larry Patterson the President of Rainbow Movers provides tips for moving artwork and mirrors.

Downsizing: Moving Tips

These days, thousands of Americans believe bigger isn’t always better, which is why so many are downsizing.  Celebrity interior designer and series host Cathy Hobbs, provides tips on downsizing by redesigning a one bedroom using the decor from a two bedroom residence. Tips from the President of Design Recipes exclusive mover, Rainbow Movers.