Brooklyn Top Picks With Borough President Eric Adams

Perhaps no one knows Brooklyn better than Borough President Eric Adams which is why when we were looking to highlight some top neighborhood picks we went straight to the source!


2 Strong Place

Brooklyn Real Estate expert Donald Brennan takes us on a tour of 2 Strong Place in Cobble Hill Brooklyn. A single family townhouse with a carriage house. The residence features 6 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms and Design Recipes has the exclusive look inside!

Tips For Buying A New Construction Property

For many buyers, there is certainly the appeal of being the very first owner to occupy a home and for those buyers looking to buy new construction, knowing what to look for could be critical. The ultimate real estate insider Donald Brennan of Brennan Real Estate shares his tips on what buyers should look for in his latest edition of his series “My Two Cents”.

What’s in an asking price?

What’s in an asking price..bottom line, a lot! Have you ever wondered why the asking price for one property is considerably higher than another? Or asked yourself if a particular property is worth its’ asking price? Real estate insider Donald Brennan of Brennan Real Estate offers his insider tips in this latest edition of “My Two Cents”.

Evolution Of A Neighborhood

What is fringe today could be the next “it” neighborhood. When it comes to Manhattan real estate, sometimes being a “pioneer” and predicting “the next frontier” can pay off BIG! Real estate insider, real estate developer Donald Brennan shares some of his expert advice in this edition of My Two Cents.

Rehabilitated Townhouses

Taking on a rehabilitation project can be both challenging and rewarding. The key to a successful project often involves aspects like planning, knowing the right questions to ask and doing your homework. Ultimate real estate insider Donald Brennan shares his insight in this month’s “My Two Cents”.

Buying A New Development Property

Looking to buy in a new construction building? New development construction is back stronger than ever. Real estate insider Donald Brennan shares some of his insider tips for navigating the ins and outs of the new development market.

What To Look For In New Townhouse Construction

Looking for the perfect property? Perhaps it is your dream to own a townhouse. While many townhouses are historical in nature, many fall under the category of new construction. Real estate developer and real estate insider Donald Brennan of Brennan real estate shares his insight and insider tips in this addition of “My Two Cents”.

Buying a Brownstone Style Property On A Budget

Think a brownstone or town home is out of your reach? It may not be. Expert real estate insider and real estate developer Donald Brennan of Brennan Real Estate offers tips on buying a brownstone style property at a value price.

Buying An Off Market Property

Buying an off market property is not impossible task. This month we are talking all about how to buy an “off market property”, in other words, how to buy a property that isn’t actually for sale! I’ve done it and this month I am providing you some tools and tricks of the trade in order to successfully buy you dream home, when it isn’t even for sale on the open market.