My Two Cents: Withers + Grain

Our Brooklyn Expert Donald Brennan of Brennan Real Estate takes us to Williamsburg, Brooklyn where he introduces us to the owners of Withers + Grain. Part retail store, part custom wood shop, Withers + Grain is known for its gorgeous wood furniture. Donald explores the philosophy behind the brand and why they settled in this hip part of Brooklyn.

My Two Cents: Butter and Scotch

Crown Heights, Brooklyn has long been on the map for those looking for a desirable place to live and now it is on the map for entrepreneurs looking to set up shop. Our Brooklyn expert Donald Brennan of Brennan real estate introduces us to Butter and Scotch, a bakery/bar that is getting a lot of Buzz.

Rooftop Reds

When you think of a vineyard. You likely think of California and not Brooklyn. Urban Wineries are more popular than ever!  And our Brooklyn real estate expert Donald Brennan shows how it’s done. A visit to the Brooklyn Navy Yard..  And Rooftop Reds, the first commercially viable rooftop vineyard in the WORLD right in Brooklyn.

My Two Cents

My Two Cents with Donald Brennan profiles the entrepreneur behind one of the cities most successful music and entertainment venues. Brooklyn Bowl is an iconic hot spot in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and was on the forefront of the Williamsburg development explosion. No one knows Brooklyn quite like our Brooklyn expert, Donald Brennan of Brennan Marketing and Sales who takes us inside Brooklyn Bowl and shares the story of how it all began.

My Two Cents with Donald Brennan

Celebrity Interior Designer Cathy Hobbs is giving us a “taste” of what a local business has to offer. Brooklyn real state expert Donald Brennan of Brennan Real Estate takes viewers inside Brooklyn Winery!

Seller Expectations

The real estate market has not only rebounded, it is stronger and more vibrant than ever.  In many cases, sellers are receiving multiple offers!

But how should this current trend impact seller expectations and what is realistic in today’s market? Our Brooklyn real estate expert Donald Brennan of Brennan real estate shares his insight.

The Future Of Downtown Brooklyn Development

Downtown Brooklyn is on the cutting edge for development and will undergo tremendous growth in the coming years that will impact the area for decades to come.  Tucker Reed the head of the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership knows Brooklyn inside and out.  Brooklyn real estate expert Donald Brennan has an exclusive interview with Tucker Reed on the future of development in downtown Brooklyn.

Downtown Brooklyn Top Picks

Tucker Reed the head of the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership knows Brooklyn better than anyone else, Brooklyn expert Donald Brennan gets his take on the best downtown Brooklyn has to offer.

East New York, Brooklyn

East New York, Brooklyn, for decades was associated with crime and abandonment is now poised to undergo a renaissance.  Brooklyn expert Donald Brennan, takes viewers to East New York and gains insight into the plans for this neighborhood with the help of Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams.

Brooklyn Top Picks With Borough President Eric Adams

Perhaps no one knows Brooklyn better than Borough President Eric Adams which is why when we were looking to highlight some top neighborhood picks we went straight to the source!