Design Recipes Season 3: Episode 10- Spring Selling Season

Cathy begins on Riverside Boulevard, with a tour of one of the first buildings ever developed by the Trump Organization. Cindy Kim of Bracha New York at Keller Williams NYC gives us the tour.  Then, Cathy and her design recipes team stage a 3 bedroom residence in Brooklyn for the sell. But there are TWO major snags that delay the project, a major snowstorm and Cathy gets the flu! Watch to see how Cathy and her team turn it around with the help of their go team at Rainbow Movers NY. Then, Brooklyn expert Donald Brennan of Brennan real estate introduces us to Aerobo, an innovative company specializing in aerial photography and filming using drone technology. PLUS, Cathy takes on a small renovation project with the help of luxury lighting brand Shakuff. And mortgage expert Ace Watanasuparp of Citizens Bank is answering the popular mortgage question relating to how banks use bonus income in determining how much mortgage an individual will qualify for. A very timely questions, with Spring bonus season just around the corner!