Madison Square Park Sprawling 2 Bedroom

15 years ago, Madison Square Park may have been considered to be a “fringe” neighborhood. Today, its one of the hippest neighborhoods in the city with luxury residences and some of the best restaurants in the city. Lawrence Lee of Bracha New York at Keller Williams NYC gives Design Recipes host Cathy Hobbs a tour of a sprawling residence.

What’s in an asking price?

What’s in an asking price..bottom line, a lot! Have you ever wondered why the asking price for one property is considerably higher than another? Or asked yourself if a particular property is worth its’ asking price? Real estate insider Donald Brennan of Brennan Real Estate offers his insider tips in this latest edition of “My Two Cents”.

Evolution Of A Neighborhood

What is fringe today could be the next “it” neighborhood. When it comes to Manhattan real estate, sometimes being a “pioneer” and predicting “the next frontier” can pay off BIG! Real estate insider, real estate developer Donald Brennan shares some of his expert advice in this edition of My Two Cents.