Undiscovered Neighborhoods

Residential real estate expert Lawrence Lee takes us to Washington Heights, to see what this previously overlooked area of Manhattan has to offer for those seeking both luxury and value.

Episode 3: Washington Heights and Focus on COLOR!

Washington Heights in Upper Manhattan for decades was an undiscovered neighborhood. Easily accessible by public transportation, with breathtaking views of the Hudson River, Washington Heights is now a sought after destination. Design Recipes expert Lawrence Lee of Keller Williams NYC takes us on a tour of Edgecombe Parc, a new luxury condominium building in the area.

When it comes time to renovation your home, there are so many types of finishes to choose from and you don’t just have to go with traditional colors like black, white, beige or gray. In case you didn’t know it a bright, vibrant color, called RADIANT ORCHID is all the rage, and this years’ Pantone Color of the Year. Tile and Stone expert Francesco Marasco shares with Design Recipes host Cathy Hobbs, ways to bring brilliant color, including Radiant Orchid into your home.

Renovating?? Well, you will definitely want to grab a pen and pad as renovations expert Andrew Harrington gives his expert advice on what to consider when hiring a contractor. And finally, mortgage guru Brian Scott Cohen of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage shares his expert advice for consumers on the difference between a conventional mortgage and a jumbo mortgage.